me??? skinny, pretty, perfect. not!!! =P

“She’s the type of girl who forgives easily, but hardly forgets. She’ll be mad at you and she’ll get over it the next day. She’ll almost be 100% sure she’s done with you and then she’ll remember how much you mean to her. She’ll ignore you until she starts missing you again. It’s easy because she cares enough to not hold grudges. Even if you hurt her, she’ll find it in her heart to drop it. But see, that’s the forgiving part. The forgetting part is not as easy because although she’ll move on from the arguments and harsh words, it’s stuck in her memory and she’ll remember it as long as you guys are together. What she hopes for, is for you to have her remember more good memories than bad.”
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dang true! bummer >.<

dang true! bummer >.<

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no matter what i do i feel like i always disappoint you. i never did anything right. i’m sorry if this is me, not perfect no matter how hard i try to be. i thought telling you about the news was suppose to be good as i expected but i was wrong. akala ko kasi pag happy ako magiging happy ka rin for me. its just sad coz of all people i thought you would be the one to understand, to always back me up. i expected too much wasn’t i? i don’t hate you, i love you too much to hate you… "tampo"? yes. but i can’t blame you. sorry is all i can say, for everything. i can’t do anything about it right? all i can do is just to accept and face the consequences of my actions. and also to accept the fact of how disappointed you are to me. i understand kung bakit ka malungkot, pero sana try to understand din my side. di ko to masasabi sayo so i blogged it na lang, alam ko rin naman na di mo toh mababasa… i used to open up everything with you, kaso ngayon parang di na dapat. lagi namang sama ng loob ang binibigay ko sayo so better distance myself na lang. i’m really sorry. mahal na mahal kita… :’(

no matter how hard I try to make you happy, I feel like its never good enough for you… One day I hope I can make you happy…


my laptop toshy and my phone sammy :)

So true. Suck! -.-

So true. Suck! -.-

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What a #moron &#8230; I am so #stupid &#8230; What an #imbecile &#8230; Grrr!!!😡😡😡 #angry #annoyed #pissed #tweegram  (Taken with instagram)

What a #moron … I am so #stupid … What an #imbecile … Grrr!!!😡😡😡 #angry #annoyed #pissed #tweegram (Taken with instagram)

Auckland night sky&#8230; #igersmanila  (Taken with instagram)

Auckland night sky… #igersmanila (Taken with instagram)

Some people say that i’m smart. “In what sense?” i asked them. Ever since i was a kid i never achieved anything that great. I was never an achiever at school. I normally fail on exams. I never talk on graded recitations. And still people say i’m smart… How can they say that??? Is it just to build up my confidence or trust to myself? I asked my mom once, “why am I not as smart as my siblings?”. She told me, “you’re smart, its just that you’re lazy when it comes to studying”. Which i think is true in a sense. I’m not that into studying. Whenever there’s an exam coming up i always try to get away with it. Like i always find something else to do so that i could get away with the reviewing or revision of the lectures. I’m not dumb though. I want to learn practically, or hands-on. I don’t really like being “bookish”. I should really change my study habits… When? I dunno. But i hope its soon.

orientation day (:

Just had my orientation at the orthopaedics ward at middlemore and so delighted to meet my academic and clinical liaisons. Having that orientation takes half of the anxiety I was feeling even before going there. I have met some lovely people. Walked through the ward just to have an overview of what’s happening there. They also have shown us how casts were done to a patient who has fracture. I also have learned about traction and the idea of it. We also practiced how to bandage. All in all it was a nice day, though I knocked out on bed when I reached home. Bit too much of information I presume for a day. Saw some Filipino nurses too (who I think were snobs. Joke. I think they’re just being professionals :”>). I am so looking forward for my placement on September, still anxious a bit though. Hope I do pretty well on my placement and wishing that “clumsiness” will leave me alone in my 2 weeks placement. ^^,